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Dr. Pablo Jeczmien on the Future of Psychiatry

October 24, 2017
Perhaps it is because he is in his fourth decade as a psychiatrist, but most who know of his work consider Dr. Pablo Jeczmien as one of the best in his chosen profession quite well. Dr. Jeczmien is currently a very well-known and respected General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, but he also works in private practice with The Riverside Practice, a centre for health and well-being in East Sussex. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien treats patients both as individual or as part of a group or family; whatever is necessary to treat them and see them heal.

Not only is Dr. Pablo Jeczmien a member of both the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the British Medical Association, but he also is registered with the General Medical Council. Nowadays, his practice has taken on a more holistic perspective, which is an approach he decided to take after he chose to give up most of his outside responsibilities to focus more of this time and energy on the research and study of Anthroposophical Medicine and Anthroposophical Psychotherapy. He has always been fascinated by the relationship between mind and body on he healing process.